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High Security Laser Car Key Cutting Services
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Richmond Hill High Security Laser Car Key Cutting Services

Matrix locksmith is the leading provider of high security laser car key cutting services. We believe in offering our clients the best services at an affordable price. This is the reason why we have been able to entice a lot of clients to seek our services. Throughout our operations we have been able to exhibit sincerity and competence of the highest kind. This is mainly because our equipment is modern and up to date. There is no client who can dismiss a firm that possesses these qualities. If you also call upon us, you will have good things to say about our services.

What Differentiates Laser Cut Keys from Regular Keys

Many of us assume that Laser keys may just be the same as the regular keys but that’s not true. Generally, laser cut keys have a unique appearance and are somewhat thicker than the normal car keys. These keys are cut through laser while the regular car keys are cut in a mechanical way through manual, automatic, or semi-automatic key cutters. Plus, rather than notches cut across the key’s side, the laser keys feature winding slit that is cut at constant depth and runs up the key’s center. Due to the slit’s location, these keys are also known as internal cut car keys. Normally, laser keys feature slits on either side of the key allowing it to be inserted in the lock from either side and still work. These keys can only be found for the cars that had been made since 1990s and often on the upscale brands only. Laser cut keys can only be used with the automobiles as they are not meant for the regular locks.

What Makes Us Better Than The Dealership?

At Torontonian Locksmith, we are available to you 24/7 wherever you want us to reach to you. There are certain features that make our high security laser key cutting services better than the dealership. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

  • When you go for a dealer, you’ll have to bear expensive towing fee for taking your car to them.

  • You’ll be left without keys for few weeks as the dealers do not respond to your needs immediately.

  • You will be overcharged all the time as they charge rates that are standard with the dealerships.

Reasons why our services can be trusted

We have high quality modern equipment that can do simple tasks within a short period of time. For example, our high security laser car key cutting machine is able to cut a good number of keys within a short period of time. Imagine yourself stranded and in dire need of a new key to your car. Coming up with a new key within a short period of time would be impossible if you hired a firm with an old key cutting machine. Our modern laser key cutting machine will produce a new key within a short period of time.

Our high security laser car key cutting machine is able to cut keys without any loss of detail. This is something that makes our equipment the best across the entire industry. Key cutting is supposed to be done as accurately as possible. Otherwise, the new key will not work properly. For this reason, detail must be addressed at all times. Our high quality laser key cutting machine is able to produce keys that are exact replicas of the raw keys.

24/7 operations are provided to all clients who are resident within our radius of operations. For this reason, you can seek our services at any time of the day. Simply give us a call and we will more than happy to offer you our services.

Services you can expect from us

We offer detailed key cutting services for all kinds of car keys. Both old and new keys can be cut by us.

We can replace keys that have been stuck in the lock by reading the lock pattern.

We are also able to cut keys for locks that do not have keys. All we have to know is the lock and key and pattern. This is enough for us to deduce the actual details of the key.

We are here for you & ready to take your call…

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